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This Thing Called Scroll Follow

R.A. Creative Director
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Initially it was developed to solve a problem for a client. I took the opportunity to refine what I knew about writing plugins for jQuery and made it into something we could release into the wild.

It is probably a very familiar scenario for many who dabble in the open source realm, but still, when you start helping other developers solve other problems for other clients a thrill is involved. This is, in essence, the spirit behind The Kitchen.

Catching Up

For the uninitiated, jQuery is an open source javascript library that makes selecting and manipulating objects on the page dead easy, especially if you are used to CSS selector syntax. Scroll Follow is a plugin for this library that enables a DOM object to follow the page as the user scrolls.

We first released this plugin back in May. With the launch of The Kitchen I've been able to open a dialog with several of our Scroll Follow users expressing interest in moving the script on to bigger and better places and we're thrilled at this development (pun intended).

I was skeptical at first. It's not the kind of design solution I would often use. That's why there is a "kill switch" parameter. Hopefully though, by improving the script and using it judiciously, we can add value for users.

Coming Soon

We will soon be releasing version 0.3 of Scroll Follow. In this release I've added a user-requested parameter. Before, the animation was always relative to the top of the user's viewable area, but no longer! You will now be able to key off of the bottom of the window as well as the top.

I have also improved the logic in the script to try to keep the CSS fiddling to a minimum. We want Scroll Follow to work straight out of the box. . . or zip file as it were. To that end we are issuing a call for help! We are looking for a few good, or at least bored, individuals to help us test the current release candidate so we can squash any remaining bugs.

This is not a daunting task! What we need more than anything are the test cases we haven't thought of. It seems the simple things are what cause breakages most. We're sure you can do simple and we're hoping you can do breakage. Are you up for it?

One brave soul has spoken.

  1. xhtmlcssexpert May 30th, 2009

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